What I Did After He Dumped Me (and You Can Too)

I know being dumped can be very painful and can leaving feeling extremely hurt and alone.

Here is my personal story of how I got my boyfriend back after he dumped me.

Follow This Step-by-Step Plan to Get Your Ex Back

A few years ago, I was in college.  I was studying abroad for three months in Rome.  My boyfriend and I agreed that three months wasn’t a very long time to be apart and the opportunity to experience a new culture would be more than worth it.

The first two months were pretty tough.  We talked on the phone every few days.  I spent about 100 euros on calling cards and I’d call him first thing in the morning, which was right before he went to bed back in the United States.

On Thanksgiving morning, I called him and he dumped me for one of his sister’s friends.  He told me that he just couldn’t wait any longer.  In addition to getting locked out of my apartment that day, this added up to the worst Thanksgiving to date.

I only had a few more weeks in Italy before the end of the semester, but they were horribly painful.  I could barely concentrate on school or how amazing it was living in Rome.  I felt completely powerless.  I wanted to do something to get him back, but I was literally on the other side of the world.  Most of my free time I spent in an internet cafe writing e-mails to him or trying to call him.  To put it simply, I lost my mind after he dumped me and everything I did only seemed to drive him farther away.

When I finally got back to United States for the holidays, things didn’t get any better.  After some begging on my part, he finally agreed to meet me for lunch.  Let me just say that things did not go well at all.

So since everything I did seemed to make things worse, I decided to back off for a while.  In the meantime I made it my goal to learn everything I could about relationships and how they work.  It turns out if you want to get your ex back, you have to do a lot of things that are counter intuitive.   Things like ignoring him and being aloof.  After he dumped me and all I wanted was to be back in his arms, this was extremely hard for me.

It took a little bit of work, but I did get my ex back.  Right after he dumped me I was a wreck that hung on his every word and action, but before long, I was the one in control.  I took things nice and slow and within a few months he was begging for me to take him back.

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Follow This Step-by-Step Plan to Get Your Ex Back

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