What to do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

This is one thing that you probably dread, when your girlfriend wants space from you. Now before you panic and let your emotion get the best you, it’s time to do some things more maturely and can even change her mind and be with you again.

Don’t get mad at her instead be understanding to her because she might really need this space that she wants from you.

When she said she wants some space it doesn’t mean she wants to break up with you but she need to do something to reassess her relationship with you. It is more important that you do something about it in order for her not to completely break up with you.

If your girlfriend wants space, give her the space she needs. Don’t call her or text her or give have any communication with her. I know this would be hard and you’ll probably miss her but you need to give her what she wants. Respect her decision and instead of being emotional about this do something worthwhile while you have some space with each other. Women don’t like it when you get too obsessed with them. So stop sending her flowers or dropping by her home every night. It might scream stalker and would drive her away from you.

When your girlfriend wants space from you, she is reevaluating her relationship with you. You need to look within you and asked yourself, what went wrong? Did you change into a person she doesn’t like anymore? Have an open mind and really start looking at yourself. This way you know what part of you, which you need to improve on.

Do something that can improve yourself. Take up a class or spend some time doing things you love. Do everything you can to prove to her that you can be the man she can love and have the relationship she wanted.