Starving Your Ex to Death

A lot of advice out there about breakups and saving relationships is downright comical.

It’s almost as if the “expert” doling out this advice were vindictive and had a chip on their shoulder.

(…Maybe from their own exes…?)

Anyway, most of their advice is like recommending that you starve your ex to death.

You know…

…Cut contact with your ex to make them miss you.

…Date a billion people to make your ex jealous.

…Use reverse psychology to make your ex think you’re glad the two of you broke up.

You know all the usual “advice” out there.

And it’s all like trying to deprive your ex of your love, your affection, and the best of what you have to offer.

But there’s the thing…

Showing your ex how vindictive, manipulative, vengeful, and spiteful you are is NOT going to inspire them to get back together with you.

All that type of stuff is actually very “middle school” and not something I’d recommend grown-ass adults do.

Instead of trying to starve your ex to death, why not nourish them with with love.

I know this goes completely against the grain of what “experts” and “gurus” tell you but your ex really isn’t your enemy.

Instead try doing the exact polar opposite of what the “experts” tell you.

Do this instead:

…Show your ex empathy and compassion so that they remember why they fell in love with you in the first place.

…Show your ex that things are going to be different so that they know they aren’t walking right back into the same relationship they left.

…Show your ex integrity by knowing what you want and going after it rather than playing mind games.

That’s what I’ve been teaching students of the Ex Solution Program since 2011.

What happens when you do that?

Your ex actually wants to come back to you because you’ve nourished their heart, rather than trying to starve them to death.

And if that’s what you’d like to do, then isn’t it time you signed ¬†up for the Ex Solution Program and got your ex back before the holidays?

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