5 Tell Tale Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Many times when you have recently gone through a breakup you will wonder if your ex is giving you strong signals that she wants you back. She might not say that out loud but indirectly through her gestures and moves. She is probably scared that you might not accept her back once she has dumped you and that’s why she don’t say it directly. These are tell tale signs your ex wants you back and is willing to give your relationship a second chance.

When you get dumped, you instantly feel an intense pain of rejection. You don’t need me to tell you that. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that when your partner dumps you, they also feel a very intense emotion as well. It’s not rejection, but rather guilt.

No one wants to see themselves as the “bad guy” for hurting someone else. And your ex feels guilty about all the pain they’ve done to you. It’s not easy for them to overcome this guilt. (I got this from a Santa Clara University study).

But with that in mind…

Here are 5 signs your ex wants you back:


First Sign: She tries to contact you out of the blue!

If you get up one day and find she left a message on your cell phone or your e-mail then there is a chance that she wants you back. These are strong signals if she has tried to contact you without any obvious reason. She can try to make up a story but you can tell if it’s a genuine one or not.

Think about it. The only reason your ex would contact you is because you’re on her mind. And the only reason she’d be thinking about you is because… you got it! She still cares about you!

Second Sign: She starts showing her interest in you!

If it seems like your ex-girlfriend is calling you up almost every day, or that when you do talk, you talk for hours on end, it is likely that she still feels attracted to you and might want you back. Does she look for excuses to hang out with you? Remember to look at her actions and not what she says.  Is she acting like she likes you and wants you back?  These are signs your ex wants you back.

Again, we don’t like to spend time with people that make us feel bad, so we tend to avoid it. But if your ex is constantly going out of her way to see you, then you can clearly take this an a signal that your ex still cares (and might just want you back).