Secrets to Win Back Her Heart and Rebuild Your Relationship

Okay, you messed up and she left you. Maybe she says she left you for someone else, but that’s really not the reason. She left because there was something wrong with your relationship. It may not seem like it, but this is good; it means that you can do something about it to win back her heart.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind if you want to win back her heart.

Now, if your breakup happened recently, you are probably very hurt and feeling emotional. This is normal. Don’t fight these feelings. When things have settled down a bit, sit by yourself and start going over the last couple of months that led to the breakup. Analyze things logically, without feelings. You messed up so find out when and what you did. What changed that made her decide on leaving? Was it a gradual change or was it sudden? What specific incident triggered her final choice to leave you? These are points you must know and understand if you are going to move forward and win back her heart.

Once this is done, go back to the times when you were first starting to date her, when all was well and you were happy with each other. Go back to the times when both of you were happy and you had fun and enjoyed life together, when there was no commitment or official “relationship,” you were just “friends” who liked each other’s company. Move on to the first months or years when you were together and things were going well.

This is the kind of guy you need to be. Remember that she fell in love with you when you were happy and fun to be with.  Not when you were depressed and desperate to get together with her. If you want to win back her heart, you need to become the guy she fell for again.