Mistakes I Made When My Girlfriend Dumped Me

The first thing that came to mind when my girlfriend dumped me was to call her and try to convince her to come back. You have changed  and everything will be different now. You are a new man and have come to your senses. It is okay for her to go out with her friends once in a while and you have seen the light and trust her completely. You are ready to step back and allow her some breathing room. All of a sudden you have become a new man.

Don’t Make The Mistakes I Made When My Girlfriend Dumped Me

You give her a call and she answers politely but says she doesn’t believe you and that she needs some time to think things out and make a decision. All is well and you hang up, hope revives in you. The next day you want to see her and go out for coffee or something so you call her again. She can’t go because she is meeting with a guy from one of her classes to study; maybe another day will be better. It feels like a bomb has exploded and you go crazy trying not to imagine the two of them making out over a Spanish textbook.

You start calling her all day and sending her messages and emails and start to drive her crazy. Her first conclusion is that you have not changed a bit. You are the same nagging, immature, insecure man you were when she left you. She decides that the headache is not worth it and changes her number, blocks you from her email and you are alone and lost after losing your only chance to get her back.

I used to sit in my car and watch her house waiting for her to arrive just to see who she was with. I would sit there for hours waiting and when she finally arrived I would immediately regret doing it.