Is My Ex Boyfriend Over Me? – How to Tell

Are you worried that you’re losing him? Are you asking yourself “Is my ex boyfriend over me?” Sure, you guys broke up, but you might have been hoping to work things out and get back together. Are there any ways to tell if your your ex boyfriend is over you?

You bet there are. Here are a few red flags (contrasted with signs he wants you back)

Is My Ex Boyfriend Over Me? – How to Tell

Not Contacting You – Does it seem like you have to put all the work into getting in touch with him or spending time together? If he never calls you or actively invites you to do things with him (or if he even flat-out ignores you), then there is a good chance he’s over you.

Disappearing Act – If he goes one step further and won’t even pick up the phone when you call him, reply back when you message him, or even blocks you on sites like Facebook, then this is another sign that he is over you. Basically, this is a subtle way of him trying to tell you that he doesn’t want you in his life at all.

He Says He Doesn’t Want a Relationship – Is your ex boyfriend over you? If he says that he flat-out doesn’t want a relationship, then there’s a good chance that he’s over you and he’d rather go on to enjoy single life. Guys aren’t complicated. Despite what you might think, they really don’t like to play games. You can take their word literally most of the time.

The exception to this is when he’s in the heat of the moment and you can tell that there’s a very strong emotion behind what he’s tell you. This just means he needs time to cool off and what he said can from an emotional place, not a genuine place.