I Screwed Up And My Girlfriend Is Mad At Me-What Now?

my girlfriend is mad at me

You should know your girlfriend thinks you did something wrong if she’s is giving you the silent treatment or the cold shoulder. She won’t say it right out, so you have to pay attention to any signs she could be mad at you.

These following tips will help dissipate her anger and help making up come faster. Here are 4 things you can do when your girlfriend is mad at you.

My Girlfriend Is Mad At Me-What Now?

Step 1:

Take a few moments away from each other to cool off. When in the heat of the argument, we tend to say things we regret later. Spend some time apart to think things through so you guys are not thinking irrationally during a heated argument. And if you’re at fault for the argument, make sure you give her some breathing room. You won’t regret that you did.

Step 2:

Apologize to her in person and make it sincere. Never text her or write her an email saying you’re sorry. It’s better that you apologize in person when your girlfriend is mad at you. It shows that you are owning up to what you did wrong and that you’re truly sorry. Make it short and do not over-explain. If you do, it will seem like you’re lying and the apology wasn’t sincere. It is important that when you do apologize, you leave it short and to the point. Something simple like:

“I’m sorry I accidentally washed my red T-shirt with your white blouse. It was a mistake. I would never do something like that on purpose.”

Then just leave it at that. I use simple apologies like this when my girlfriend is mad at me, and they’re great for smoothing over the anger and putting things in perspective.