How to Win Back Your Girlfriend Even if She’s Seeing Someone Else

Sometimes it can seem hopeless when your girlfriend and you breakup and she quickly moves on to start a relationship with someone new.  If you want to know how to win back your girlfriend even if she’s in a new relationship, I want you to know that it’s not a lost cause.  There is a chance that you can get her back.  Keep these four things in mind and you’ll maximize your chances.

How to Win Back Your Girlfriend: Rebound Relationships!

When your ex-girlfriend jumps straight into another man’s  arms right after the breakup, then it usually means that she is trying to get over you. It is basically just a rebound and she can’t go through the pain of being alone. To fill the gap that you used to fill, she starts seeing someone else who is readily available. If she has started going out with a new guy then stay patient and do not do anything to ruin it for her. Let her realize on her own that you are the best guy out there for her.

How to Win Back Your Girlfriend: Don’t Do Things You’ll Regret

Just make sure that during this time when she is with someone else you don’t end up doing things which will just push her away from you and closer to her new boyfriend. Don’t disapprove her going out so soon, don’t try to start a fight with her new boyfriend, and don’t desperately call her up and tell her how badly you want her. Just leave both of them alone and let her realize things herself.  Very soon she will be able to see the differences between you both and will likely realize that she can never find a guy like you ever.  Doing something stupid will only make her think that she made the right choice in leaving you.

How to Win Back Your Girlfriend: Does He Measure Up

During her rebound relationship, she will be constantly comparing her new guy to you.  How he acts, how he dresses, and every other little detail in between.  She will be thinking to herself, “Oh, that’s now how my ex would have done this,” or “My ex probably would have done that instead.”  Rest assured that she will be thinking of you a lot and constantly checking to see if her new man measures up to you.