4 Tips on How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

There is nothing more powerful and influential to your ex than jealousy.

Here I’ll share with you some tips on how to make ex boyfriend jealous. (also, be sure to check out the other article on how to make an ex jealous)

You need to be careful though. These tips must be used with some degree of caution though. If you push it too far, you might just end up pushing him away for good.

It’s important to consider first, why you might NOT want to make your ex boyfriend jealous. Here’s a video that my boyfriend Clay put together on why jealousy is not good for getting your ex back.

But, everyone has their own motivation for wanting to know how to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

If you still want to do this here are some ideas:

Make Him Jealous by Deflecting the Breakup

You should agree with the break up. In fact tell your ex boyfriend that you were actually thinking of ending the relationship first, but he just beat you to it. This will send a message to him that sort of short circuits his reasoning and turns the tables on him.

It’s almost like you’re rejecting him.

And of course it’s just human nature to want to prove yourself to someone who rejects you. He’ll naturally wonder what he did wrong and want to know why you were thinking of breaking up yourself.

This is a little trick that can go a long way.

Make Him Jealous by Bouncing Back Fast

You’re not going to be like all his other ex girlfriends and stay home crying for weeks. You’re going to bounce back fast and act like the break up didn’t even phase you for an instant.

It’s fine if you’re still hurting on the inside, but give the impression that you’re doing great (after all that’s what he does to make you think he’s over you).

This will make him wonder why you’re taking things so well. It will damage his ego and he’ll want to know why you’re not broken-hearted.

When you bounce back fast, it will convey the message that maybe the relationship with him wasn’t that important to you.

Make Your Ex Jealous by Using the No Contact Rule

The first instinct that most women experience when they get dumped is to try to contact their ex boyfriend non-stop with phone calls and e-mails.

Do the exact opposite and seemingly disappear from the face of the earth (at least from his point of view). You want to ignore him the way he ignores you.

He’ll be so curious about what you’re doing and how you’re handling the breakup that he’ll probably even call you or text you after a few days or a week. Don’t answer the phone. Let it go to voice mail. Leave him hanging.

You can call him back the next day… if you want to, but don’t do it unless this is something you really want to do

Being constantly available will make him think that you don’t have a lot going on in your life. But if you are more difficult to get a hold of, he’ll think that you’re out doing things and having fun. Plus this will spark curiosity as well.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous by Flirting

To really make your ex boyfriend jealous start flirting with other guys. Especially if he’s nearby and can overhear everything. Now, you want to do this with a little caution.

If you’re trying to get your boyfriend back, then you want to keep it just to flirting. If you actually start dating some new guy or get into a serious relationship, he might take this as a clue that you’ve moved on and that he should too.

Just a little flirting will go a long way. Don’t overdo it.

So these are my 4 tips on how to make your ex boyfriend jealous. Use these, and before long, your ex’s eyes will turn green with envy and he won’t be able to keep himself from crawling back to you. Whether you decide to take him back now, is up to you…

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But remember to really get clear about why you’re trying to make him jealous. Is it for revenge? Or is it as a way to get him back?