How to Get a Man Back Without Even Trying

Did your boyfriend break up with you? And now you want to win him back? There are ways to win a man back without being too manipulative about it. If you follow these tips carefully then you’ll get your man back in no time.

How to Get a Man Back – Don’t Be Obsessive!

One way is to stop being obsessive about him. You need to stop calling him every 20 minutes or checking up him at his apartment while hiding in the bushes (not only is that stalking but it’s CREEPY).

One of the biggest turn offs is women is being obsessive. It screams out stalker, and nobody wants that. Instead turn your attention to yourself. Did your boyfriend break up with you because you changed into someone he doesn’t love anymore? Go back as the woman he fell in love with. That is the real secret to get your ex boyfriend back.

Get Him Back By Working On Yourself

Improve yourself. Have a makeover or join a gym. Did you let yourself go? I know that with the problems in our life we tend to forget ourselves.

So do things that can improve yourself. If your boyfriend saw the better you, he will fall in love with you again. Men like it if you take care of your appearance and when you take care of yourself.

So, get out there and start doing some things to make your life better. Sure, you can hit the gym, but you also might want to do things that nourish your mind, like taking a class at your local community college, or nourish your spirit, like taking a well-deserved vacation to recharge your batteries.

Remind Him Why He Loves You

Be happy. Do something that you like. Go out and have fun with your friends. Spend some quality time with your family. One way to get your man back in to your life is that when he sees that you can be happy without him.

Surround yourself with positive energy and when he sees how happy you are, he will want to be part of your life again.

After all, isn’t that part of the reason why he fell in love with you in the first place?

It’s my guess that it probably is.

A Controversial Way to Get a Man Back (Proceed with Caution!)

Make him jealous (here’s how…). Men are territorial even if he dumped you. Do it in a subtle way. Like flirt with other men when he’s looking or you could bring a date to a party where you know he would attend.

Although make sure you tell your date about this (the last thing you want to do is string another guy along…).

If he still has feelings for you then he’ll get jealous and you can get your man back. He may not show it at first but he will think about it and it will really get to him after a while.

Take It Slow and Just Have Fun Together

Be friends with him. Spend some time with him as friends. Hang out to some places you guys use to go to or do something you both enjoy doing together.

Check out this article on things to do with your ex boyfriend and try to think up a few ideas of things the two of you can both enjoy doing with each other.

He’ll remember the good times you had together and he may see you again as more than a friend and want to get you back again.

Show Him Your Support

Be there for him through the good and bad times. If you want your man back then prove it to him that you can be there for him especially during the hard time of his life. Listen to him if he has some problems and offer some advice. He’ll realize that you really love him when you are there for him during the hard times.

These are some ways to help you get a man back. Remember that the most important thing is that you love yourself, that way he will remember why  he fell in love with you in the first place.