4 Secrets for Getting Back Your Ex Girlfriend

If you have suffered from a breakup and you feel you can’t get over the woman you loved, then there are some secrets you can use for getting back your ex girlfriend. One of the most powerful things you can do is to make her jealous, because women cannot stand other women and at times they cannot even stand the fact that they are being ignored. Following are four secrets which you can use to get your ex girlfriend back to your life. You will just need to be very patient and act strong for these secrets to work for you. You will also have to act convincing for all this to work and for her to really want you back.

Secret One: Agree with her

The first thing you want to do when she tells you that she wants to break up or needs some space, is to agree with her.  Just say something like, “you know what, you are totally right.  I was thinking the same thing myself.  We could use some time apart.”  This probably doesn’t make sense to you, but when you say this it will make her second-guess her decision to break up with you.  She will wonder if it was a good move and she will almost feel drawn to prove herself to you.  This is great for getting back your ex girlfriend.

Secret Two: Keep “no contact” with your ex girlfriend

Give her some space and some time to think over what what has happened between the two of you. She may think that you will call her and desperately ask her to take you back or beg for her forgiveness. This isn’t what you want to do. If you start calling or messaging her at this point, it can negatively affect her thoughts of you, and you could actually end up pushing her even farther away.  Try to keep yourself from talking to her for about 2 weeks to one month.  This will probably be really hard for you, but stay strong.  Trust me, this piece of relationship advice works.  She might even reach out and try to contact you.