My Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me – What Should I Do?

If you’re asking yourself, “What can I do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me?” I’ll show you exactly what’s going on and what you can do to fix the problem.

You’re probably wondering if he’s over you already. Or maybe he’s holding out on his end, playing some kind of mind games, or using the No Contact Rule himself (maybe he’s even blocked you online).

Here are a few common questions about such situations:

Q: My ex boyfriend ignores me, why is he doing this?

A: There are a lot of reasons why he might be ignoring you. First, if the breakup ended badly or if the two of you had some heavy arguments after the breakup, he might figure he should just cut his losses and stop talking to you now.

Basically, what he’s doing is he’s taking time to cool off and let his emotions settle. Once he’s managed to overcome the feelings of heartbreak or the other painful emotions from the breakup, he will probably be much more willing to talk to you.

Q: What can I do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me to start to reopen the channels of communication?

A: Sometimes it takes time. However, if you’re constantly trying to reach out to him to get his attention, when he doesn’t want it, you run the risk of permanently pushing him away. He’ll start to see you as that “psycho ex girlfriend” and he’ll just completely block you out of his life.

Instead, what I recommend is that you start using the No Contact rule. Basically, just stop talking to him for a whole month. This gives both of you the time you need to cool off and get your emotions under control (let’s be honest here, you probably need a little help too, right?).

Using the No Contact Rule can be quite scary for a lot of women. It seems completely counter-intuitive and you feel like you might be hurting your chances of really making progress. But the No Contact Rule really works. Check out some No Contact success stories if you are ever having doubts.

Is My Ex Boyfriend Over Me? – How to Tell

Are you worried that you’re losing him? Are you asking yourself “Is my ex boyfriend over me?” Sure, you guys broke up, but you might have been hoping to work things out and get back together. Are there any ways to tell if your your ex boyfriend is over you?

You bet there are. Here are a few red flags (contrasted with signs he wants you back)

Is My Ex Boyfriend Over Me? – How to Tell

Not Contacting You – Does it seem like you have to put all the work into getting in touch with him or spending time together? If he never calls you or actively invites you to do things with him (or if he even flat-out ignores you), then there is a good chance he’s over you.

Disappearing Act – If he goes one step further and won’t even pick up the phone when you call him, reply back when you message him, or even blocks you on sites like Facebook, then this is another sign that he is over you. Basically, this is a subtle way of him trying to tell you that he doesn’t want you in his life at all.

He Says He Doesn’t Want a Relationship – Is your ex boyfriend over you? If he says that he flat-out doesn’t want a relationship, then there’s a good chance that he’s over you and he’d rather go on to enjoy single life. Guys aren’t complicated. Despite what you might think, they really don’t like to play games. You can take their word literally most of the time.

The exception to this is when he’s in the heat of the moment and you can tell that there’s a very strong emotion behind what he’s tell you. This just means he needs time to cool off and what he said can from an emotional place, not a genuine place.

My Ex Boyfriend Blocked Me Online! WTF?

Breakups are bad enough as it is, but I’ll get the occasional question about how to handle your online reputation after a breakup. Sometimes women will write in and say something like:

“My ex boyfriend blocked me on FaceBook! How could he do that?!?”

Well, here are some things you can keep in mind about online activities while you’re struggling with a breakup if you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back but your ex just completely ignores you, or if you just want to move on.

Don’t block your ex boyfriend yourself

This will just come off as extremely petty. If you’re okay to leave bad blood between the two of you, the go ahead and do it. But if you want to get back together with him or even just be friends with him, you need to be a little bit more mature.

Keep him as a friend if you can, but simply turn off any updates you get from his feed (depending on which website you two are on–Facebook, or whatever).

It’s just going to seem weird to have to re-friend him later on, so just be civil and don’t do it.

But What If He Blocks You?

When this happens, don’t take it too personally. Sure, the two of you may have had your disagreements. Maybe that’s even why you broke up.

But he could have blocked you for a lot of different reasons.

Maybe he doesn’t want any sort of drama in his life right now. Finding out that you’re moving on, getting over him, and dating someone new might really make him feel horrible. Seeing that your ex has a new boyfriend or girlfriend can be a very painful thing to experience. Maybe he’s just trying to avoid this.

Or maybe he just wants some space away from you for now so he can put the pieces of his life back together again. He could be using the No Contact Rule himself (in case you don’t know, the No Contact Rule just means that he’s blocking you out of his life for about one month to give him time to heal).

Or maybe he blocked you because he has a new girlfriend and he doesn’t want the drama of you knowing what him and his new girlfriend are doing. If he doesn’t want you freaking out about every update, he might have blocked you.

Or maybe he is acting out of an intense emotional reaction himself. Could the drama of the breakup have led him to push you out of his life (or at least his online life)?

What to Do About It

Don’t treat it like something big if your boyfriend blocks you. You want to seem mature and in control here. Simply act as though you didn’t even notice or that it didn’t have an impact on you at all.

Maybe there will come a time when the two of you can get back in contact and be friends again, but for now, respect his desire for a little bit of space away from you. Maybe now would be a good time to think of things to do with your ex boyfriend. Try to move on and not get to fixated on this. Remember to be the bigger person here.

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Turning the Tables on Them to Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy

If you’re going through a break up, I know that it can be one of the most challenging things to suffer through–trust me, I’ve been there myself. But what makes it even worse is when your ex doesn’t even seem to care, they ignore you, and they just moved on as if nothing happened. It leaves you wondering how to make your ex miss you like crazy.

I mean, at least if they missed you, you would at least know that you meant something to them, rather than just bashing your head against a cold and uncaring wall. You’re left trying to make sense of the whole situation, while they just happily move on with their life. It really isn’t fair, is it?

Well, here are a few things you can can do to make your ex miss you like crazy.

First, let’s look at what really tends to irk you about your ex. You got it! It’s how they seem to have just bounced back so quickly. Whether they are “living the good life,” dating someone new, or just don’t seem to give you the time of day anymore, it can all really add up and get under your skin.

You see, what you want is to know that you were important to them. That you mattered, right? And if you start to pull back a little bit, they will probably start to feel the same way.

I know that it can be a little scary to think of pulling away. I mean, if your ex is already barely giving you any notice at all, won’t pulling away just be like surrendering any last tether of connection to them at all?

Not quite. It’s going to seem like the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, but if you can push through and get yourself to keep your distance, it will absolutely transform the way your ex sees you and get them to miss you more than you can imagine.

So the first thing is to stop contacting them for about a month or so (this is called the No Contact Rule, and it works like nothing else out there!).

During this month, you need to pick up the pieces of your life and get over him fast–or at least appear to move on.

Does this sound familiar? This is probably exactly what your ex is doing right now, right?

Well, turn the tables on them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Get out of the house, make some new friends, and do things with your life. As long as you’re sulking at home and feeling miserable, your ex will know that they can always come back to you.

But if you’re out doing things and moving on with your life, then they’ll have to face their own fears that they might lose you. I know it’s hard for some people to understand this. I mean, didn’t your ex break up with you?

Why would they be afraid of losing you? Well, they’re branching out and trying something new themselves with their life. It’s only natural to be afraid of the unknown. So they want to keep you as their “safe bet” in case things don’t work out.

When you remove this option for them, they suddenly have to make a choice about what is more important to them. Suddenly, they’ll start to romanticize all to happy times together with you and they’ll begin to miss you like crazy

So that’s how to get your ex to miss you. Basically, you just have to take their tactics to make you miss them, and use them against them. Maybe a little sneaky, but quite effective. Also, check out the signs your ex wants you back to see if this is working.

6 Get Over Boyfriend Techniques That Work

He dumped you. The relationship is over and he’s moving on now (or is he…?). You still have feelings for him but you want to move on with your life. First of all, it’s good that you want to move and get over your ex-boyfriend, it’s hard though because I know that you still have feelings for him. After all, you once shared your life with him but it’s time to move on after a break up. Here are some following tips to help you get over your boyfriend.

Burn the Bridges:

The first tip is to accept that the relationship is over. I know it’s hard to hear the truth but it’s over now. It doesn’t matter if he dumped you or if you dumped him because the reality is, the relationship is over now. The more you accept this fact the easier for you to move one with your life.

Of course, there are ways to work things out, but if you’re serious about getting over him, then it’s really best to just burn the bridges and move on.

Purge Your Past:

The second tip is to get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex-boyfriend. I know that this is hard to do but how can you move on if you still see his stuff around your home?

If you can’t throw it all away then put it in a box and hide where you can’t normally see it. To get over your boyfriend you need to stop seeing things that can make you think of him.

If you really want to move on and heal your broken heart, get rid of those things. If you really want to hold on to them, at least hide them for the time being until you’ve managed to really get over your boyfriend.

Get Over Your Boyfriend By Expressing Yourself:

The third tip is to let your emotions out. Cry if you want to or shout at the top of your lungs. Just make sure that you do this alone and in the privacy of your home.

Do not let these emotions inside of you fester. I know it hurts but you’ll feel better if you let it out. This is absolutely key in mending a broken heart, so don’t try to avoid this.

I know there would be times that can make you feel sad if you remember your relationship with him, if you want to get over your boyfriend then you need to feel the emotions and then let it all out.

Talk It Out:

The fourth tip is to talk to someone. After you let your emotions out it would be better if you share them with someone you trust. Talk to your family and friends or if you want you can talk to a psychiatrist. They can help you get through the pain and even share some good advice in order for you to move.

Tell them you want to get over your boyfriend and want to move on with your life. They will be more than happy to help you deal with your breakup. Remember that problems that are shared with someone can be easily get solved.

Find Reasons to Be Happy:

The fifth tip is to bring happiness to your life. There’s no use of moping around and dwelling in negativity during this time of your life. Bring happiness again by doing something simple like reading your favorite book or watching a movie.

It’s all about choosing to be positive with your life and fixing your broken heart. I find the easiest way to be happy is to help other people and just even thinking positive thoughts. You’ll get over your boyfriend in no time if happiness is in your mind, heart, and spirit.

Meet and Mingle:

The final tip is to go out and meet new people. Meeting new people is the best way to get over your boyfriend.

You’ll realize that he’s not the only man out there. And who knows? You might find the “one” for you.

Just make sure though that you have done the previous steps before doing this. You don’t want to be still in love with your ex-boyfriend when you have a new boyfriend. It would be unfair to your new boyfriend if you do this.

These are tips on how to get over your boyfriend. It takes time to do this so take your time. After all, you did love that person but if it’s over then you have to move on and get over him. I hope these tips can help you  get over your boyfriend and help you move on with your life.