What I Did After My Boyfriend Broke Up with Me

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So I took some time and stepped away from begging and pleading for him to take me back.  I didn’t realize this at the time, but this is exactly what I needed to do.  You see, to save my relationship after my boyfriend broke up with me, I needed to give him the space he needed.  You see, no matter what his reasons for breaking up with you, your boyfriend just wants space from your relationship to reevaluate things and gain perspective.  Even if he immediately jumps into someone else’s arms, you can bet that he is still thinking about you and what comparing the new girl to you.

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By begging and pleading with him to take you back, or calling him non-stop several times a day, you are actually driving him further away from you.  Remember, what he wants is space, and by constantly bothering him, you are not giving him space.  This makes him pull further away from you in an attempt to get that much-desired space.  By leaving him alone, you are giving him the opportunity to miss you.  You are giving him the chance to remember all the good times you shared.

So it took some time for me to get it, but when my boyfriend broke up with me, he needed time to think things through.  I finally gave him that, when I decided to stop trying to contact him.

In about two weeks, he reached out and sent me an e-mail.  I school had started up again and I was in between classes when I got his e-mail.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I also did the exact right thing.  I strung him out.  I wrote back telling him that I was about to go to my next class and wouldn’t be able to talk to him until later.  I turned my phone off and went to class.  Afterward a few of my classmates went and got some dinner our favorite restaurant.  By the time I got home that night and turned my phone on again, my boyfriend had left me three voice mails.  All of the sudden, he was pursuing me and I was the one in control.

I called him back and we talked for the first time in what seemed like forever.  He said he missed me and that he really wanted to see me again.  I was busy with school and my part-time job, so I couldn’t see him for about a week.  This was another thing that I did that you want to copy.  When your ex asks to see you again, keep him chasing you.  Make him wait a week or even more to see you.  What do you think he’ll be thinking about during that week?  He’ll be carefully thinking of everything he’ll say to you and eagerly waiting for the day to come.  Kind of a nice way to turn the tables, huh?

I met him at Starbucks for coffee.  I told him I could stay for an hour.  Things went well that night, so I agreed to start seeing him again.  I wanted to take it nice and slow though, which I’m sure was excruciatingly  painful for him.  After a few months, we had a heart to heart talk.  He apologized for everything and we agreed to get back together and give it a second chance.

So that’s the story of what I did after my boyfriend broke up with me that brought him back.  Remember, you’ll need to play it cool and keep him chasing after you.  The hardest part is that first few days or weeks when you have to keep yourself from contacting him.  After that, things get a lot easier.  I know things can seem hopeless, but you can get him back.  It will just take a little work.

Follow This Step-by-Step Plan to Get Your Ex Back

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  1. Iam so scare I dont know what to do – I have never been in a situation like this in my whole life- I feel its not fair at all- I said a silly comment and he lost it on me – I love him and everything but I got scared and called the cops on him- he is not talking to me after that, I am speechless – I never tought I was going to be in this sitution ever =( , I always kind of had some type of control in the relationship- right now I jus feel dummy – because his siter got involved and other people- I guess I hurt hhis ego by doing this- but he hurt me too by pushimg me and yelling at me with no mercy just for a stupid comment about his sexuality =( …..I know it was a mistake and then I apologized about that- hey but I told him- that I didnt know how to be a girlfriend – so =( help!

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