How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend and Get Him to Forgive you

apologize to your boyfriend

Did just have a horrible fight with your boyfriend and you don’t know how to apologize to your boyfriend?

For some people, it’s like pulling teeth to admit they were in the wrong and it’s even harder for them to apologize.

If you’re one of those types of people, then I’d like to offer you some help whether he’s mad at you or he broke up with you.

Here are some things you can do to help your boyfriend forgive and forget.

Picking a Time

Choose the appropriate time to apologize. Do not apologize to him if he is in a bad mood or in a busy situation. Make sure he is calm and at ease at first or find a quiet time for the both of you. Picking the right time to apologize to your boyfriend is very important.

The most important thing is that you have his full attention and that he isn’t in an overly bad mood.

Wait for the right time. Don’t try to force this, or else it could just go very badly, and just result in an argument that gets out of hand.

Show Sincerity

When apologizing, be sincere and show remorse to what you did. When apologizing, look him at the eye and show sincerity.

Show that you really are sorry because he’ll know if you really mean it or if you’re just trying to smooth everything over without actually feeling genuine regret.

Make sure that you actually feel sorry because guys can tell when you’re just saying something to pacify him or when you are being authentic.

Short and Sweet

Keep your apology short and do not over explain. A simple “I’m sorry” is enough and a short explanation afterward. Apologize to your boyfriend the short way because if you over explain it will likely seem like you are lying and being insincere.

Say that you’re sorry, know exactly what you’re sorry for, and then leave it at that. Don’t back peddle or berate yourself. Just keep it to the point.

This is great whether you’re trying to stop a breakup or get back together too.

A Token of Apology

Give him a gift that he really appreciates or do something nice for him.  Give him a gift that will really help him see that you are sorry.

A small token of affection like making a homemade card, getting him tickets to his favorite sports team, or surprise him by cooking a special dinner should do nicely.

This act is maybe a bit on the sneaky side, but by doing something nice for him, he’ll feel compelled to reciprocate for the favor by accepting your apology.

This is a tip from Robert Cialdini who is an expert on influence and psychology. There was this example in a book I read about this guy who bought a can of soda for people in a study. Then later on, he asked them to buy a raffle ticket from him. The fact that he gave them a soda, increased the chances that they would buy a raffle ticket from him.

(Sneaky, but effective!)

Be Prepared

Be prepared for the negative reaction when you are apologizing to your boyfriend.

Not all apologies are taken the good way. Your boyfriend might still be angry even though he told you he accepted your apology.

Be ready for whatever negative reaction he’ll do. Do not take it to heart and remember that this is normal. Just wait for a while because he will calm down especially if he sees that you are sincere with your apology.

Sometimes just giving it a little time after you apologize will be all you need for things to blow over.

Acceptance is Essential

Accept whatever the consequences for the mistake you made.

So you made a mistake and now you apologized for it, it’s time for you to accept whatever consequences you’ll get.

Did you scratch his car and now you have to pay for it? Do it then and do it with a smile on your face.

It may be hard but it can show him that you are sincere to your apology. Keep in mind that just because you apologized to your boyfriend, it doesn’t mean he will forgive you, just be prepared for whatever may happen (even if you already made amends). You may still have to work to get him back.

Apologizing to your boyfriend is not easy. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it from the bottom of you heart. You will have  have to get over the uncomfortable threshold of admitting fault if you want to apologize to your boyfriend.

Also keep in mind once you guys have made up, leave the past in the past, don’t bring up old mistakes. Getting through these tough times together will help make your relationship stronger.