5 Tips to Make An Ex Jealous and Want You Back

Making your ex jealous is one way to know if he still has feelings for you. It means that he still cares for you and there might be a good chance that you can get him to want you back.

Here are 5 tips on how to make him jealous. I must warn you though, to not overdo the following tips because there’s also a good chance that you might lose him forever.

When it comes to jealousy… A little goes a very long way!

Setting the Stage – Making an Ex Jealous by Disappearing

First tip is to not have any communication with you ex for a while. I know you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous right away but trust me on this one.

If you guys don’t have any communication at all, he will think that you are over him or you are with someone else. Don’t worry about him being over you, since this rarely happens directly after a breakup.

You need to create a mystery so do not attempt to call him (I mean, how annoying is it when he ignores you, right?).

If you are too clingy, you will just make him more angry and not want to be with you. Make some space between you and your ex and then do the next step.

Your Personal Transformation – Setting Yourself Up to Make Him Jealous

Second tip is to be happy. Do something to make yourself happy even if that means doing it alone and without your ex.

It will make him jealous knowing that you are happy without him. He will think that he is not the center of your universe anymore and that will make him jealous.

Plus it will give you that positive glow of optimism that will make you more attractive to him.

Do something you wanted to do for a long time but haven’t, like yoga or going shopping with your friends. Get a makeover and change your appearance that could make you more attractive.

After this, proceed to the next step…

Showcasing Your Change – Light the Match

Third tip is to invite him to dinner. Make your ex jealous by inviting him to dinner and show off your new makeover and positive vibes.

It will really surprise him to see you happy and attractive after a while of not talking to him.

Update him with your life and show him the new and happy you. He’ll feel that green-eyed monster of envy creeping over him knowing that you can be happy without him and at the same time he can’t help but be attracted to you.

Tell him you still want to be friends with him and then you can do the following step…

Fan the Flames – Building His Jealousy

Fourth tip is to date someone else. I know this might sounds strange on how to make your ex jealous, but if he sees you with someone else it will make him jealous.

Don’t date seriously though if you still want to get your ex boyfriend back. Just have those harmless friendly dates.

I’m sure your ex will hear about it especially if you guys share the same circle of friends.

He would get jealous knowing that other guys find you attractive and that his window of opportunity is closing fast (be on the lookout for some signs he wants you back at this point).

This is crucial to the next step I’m about to share because you will need your date to do the next thing…

Pouring Gasoline on the Fire – Make an Ex Writhe with Uncontainable Jealousy

The fifth and final step and I think is the most important to make your ex jealous, is to bring your date to a function or event where your ex can see him.

It may be a friend’s birthday if you guys share a common friend or a favorite place you know your ex would be there.

Casually flirt with your date but make sure that your ex can see you doing it. This will make him jealous to the point that he might even lose his temper.

You need to be in control on this situation though and make sure that you don’t embarrass your date as well.

After doing the following tips, I’m sure you can make your ex jealous and he might want to have a relationship with you again. He will realize how much he loves you and will realize why he was jealous because he still has feelings for you.

I must warn you though not to overdo the following tips because it also have the tendency to push him further away. I hope these tips would help you make your ex jealous again and it’s up to you if you want him back to your life again.

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