4 Reasons Why Women Dump Men – 1 May Shock You

There are four main reasons why women dump men. Your relationship might suffer from one or even all four of these, but if even one is present, a breakup will likely come down the road. Take a look at the following four reasons and decide for yourself if you need to step up to the plate and improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

The first reason why women dump men is control.

This goes both ways. Controlling men or women will over time push their partner away even if they genuinely love their partner. People, especially women like their independence. This does not mean that they want to do whatever they please all the time. It means that they need space. There are things women do that us guys don’t do, and probably won’t ever understand. For example my girlfriend Victoria often goes out with a girlfriend and chats with her for hours and hours about seemingly nothing. There is no apparent logic to this but women often find comfort and relief from their daily stresses by talking and sharing their experiences with friends.

The second reason why women dump men is jealousy.

There is nothing worse than a jealous man spying on his woman and always trying to find out where she is or what she is doing. Jealousy is nothing more than a control escalation. Sudden bursts of jealousy from a man tend to cause women to lose attraction for their partner over time. You see, when a man doubts his partner’s love and her commitment to the relationship, even if she is being completely faithful, will cause her to think that he doesn’t trust her. Every time a man shows his woman he is jealous, he is hurting her deeply even if she doesn’t show it. If you haven’t figured out how to deal with jealousy in a relationship, this is very important if you want to enjoy a happy relationship in the future.